SMW17 VITA46.11 Chassis Manager

The SMW17A is a Tier 3 VITA46.11-2022 Chassis Manager. Beside standard IPMI functionality, the SMW17A002 has dedicated inputs for measuring local voltages, temperatures, fans, and digital I/Os.
The Chassis Manager watches over the basic health of the System Platform, reports anomalies, and takes corrective action when needed. It retrieves inventory information and sensor readings from all cards discovered and provides remote access to this information.
The Chassis Manager can also perform basic recovery operations such as power cycle or reset of managed entities. Custom automation routines can also be implemented based on the readings of all monitored sensors and I/Os. Dedicated carrier cards are available.

Key market features:

  • Compliant to IPMI 2.0
    • Compliant to VITA46.11-2022, Tier 3
      • SOSA v2.0 aligned
        • IPMI and VITA Bridged Firewall Support
          • PICMG HPM.1 software upgrade
            • Monitors up to 8 analogue inputs, 6 thermistors, 12 fans, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs
              • GUI SDR and FRU compilers available